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China red

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Interpretation of brand logo

"Suzhong" trademark is a well-known trademark in China, derived from the handwritten letters "S" and "Y" of "su" and "medicine" in the enterprise name of "jiangsu suzhong pharmaceutical group co., LTD.". The graph is similar to "China" on the whole, indicating that suzhong pharmaceutical group is a Chinese company. The word "suzhong" below the graph is a metaphor for the enterprise spirit of "sunun everything and zte kyushu" of suzhong pharmaceutical group. The overall creativity originates from the "red lantern" containing Chinese traditional cultural elements, which means good luck and happiness and symbolizes that suzhong pharmaceutical group is an innovative enterprise inheriting the Chinese nation's health and wisdom. In the graph, "Y" transforms into loving hands, holding up the life pillar formed by "S" evolution, symbolizing the enterprise vision of building a century-old brand and benefiting the health of the whole people.

Su zhong brand logo connotation

hopeSuzhong LOGO is a modern interpretation of traditional culture. The graphic LOGO is like a warm light, implying that suzhong pharmaceutical delivers warmth to patients and creates value for customers.

innovationThe LOGO of suzhong is similar to the handheld capsule, which means that suzhong pharmaceutical adheres to the drive of science and technology, focuses on product innovation, and is always committed to high product quality and pursuit of high clinical value, leading the enterprise to develop to higher quality.

lifeThe LOGO of suzhong is like open arms to care for life, symbolizing suzhong pharmaceutical's silent enterprise mind and social responsibility of benefiting all living beings and mankind.

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